CPX66312P/ CPX66312M GREY & BLUE


Product Codes:

CPX66312P (Polished)

CPX66312M (Matt R9)

Color: Grey & Blue

Size: 600x600x10 mm

Thickness: 10 mm

Random: 6 Faces


Product Codes:

CPX126312P (Polished)

CPX126312M (Matt R9)

Color: Grey & Blue

Size: 600x1200x11 mm

Thickness: 11 mm

Random: 3 Faces



NOSTALGIA is a terrazzo series of two different surfaces that are nostalgic yet modern, vintage yet striking. The two finishes with different colours open creative opportunities for any spaces as indoor and outdoor solution. If you are looking to add visual dynamic to your room, this series is perfect for you.